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Lighting at Shropshire Archives is currently being upgraded. Please order documents well in advance if you can, as document retrieval may be affected.

Place guides

Do you want to research the history of a particular town, village or parish?

Do you want to know if there are school or estate records for the area your family came from?

If so, then our new guides can help get you started.

We’re creating introductory place guides for each of the 300 parishes in Shropshire, arranged alphabetically.

Guides will be added as soon as each letter is completed, so please check here again soon.

Shropshire place guides A-C

Shropshire place guides D-G

Shropshire place guides H-J

Shropshire plce guides K-M

Shropshire place guides N-R

Shropshire place guides S

More guides coming soon.