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Publishing images

Reproduction and copyright

Please note that the copying of all material from the collections held by Shropshire Archives is subject to UK copyright legislation as well as to preservation guidelines.

For more information and if you wish to reproduce the low resolution images linked to our online catalogue, please check our copyrights and credits page.

If you intend to reproduce these images commercially or if you wish to use any other images in any way (including on the internet), then you must apply to us in writing/email. As custodians we may ask for reproduction fees when images from collections held here are used.

Check our guidance at shropshire-archives-reproduction-fees for an indication of prices.

Information for the media

This guidance covers requests for the use of resources held by Shropshire Archives by the media, including press, radio and television.

To discuss your requirements for publication, or to obtain permission to publish in a printed or online resource, email [email protected] Please contact us giving us as much notice as possible, and note we may not always be able to respond to requests immediately.


Media researchers are welcome to visit Shropshire Archives to undertake research at any time during normal opening hours. Staff can provide help in explaining catalogues and indexes and in identifying resources of interest, but are unable to undertake detailed research themselves. Shropshire Archives provides a paid research service.

All researchers must abide by the Reading Room and Search Room guidelines, including obtaining a readers ticket to see original archive material. Copies of resources can be supplied at normal copying fees.

Use of resources by the media

The use or reproduction of any resources by the media requires the permission of Shropshire Archives and, if appropriate, the owner of the material.

Copyright will also need to be cleared before any use or reproduction. It will normally be the responsibility of the media company to clarify this. Shropshire Archives will provide details of the copyright owner where it is able to do so.

Reproduction and facility fees will be charged according to the shropshire-archives-reproduction-fees. If appropriate, a license agreement will be completed between Shropshire Archives and the media company. The media company will be responsible to ensure that future use of the material does not infringe copyright.

Shropshire Archives and, if appropriate, the owner of the documents, must receive due acknowledgment in the publication or programme. Shropshire Archives should be provided with a copy of the final press item or programme, and also be advised of its intended date of transmission or publication.


Discussion of filming requirements should take place as soon as possible, and at least two weeks before the date of filming.

Filming can take place at Shropshire Archives either during opening hours or outside of them, depending on the availability of staff. Location filming may be possible depending on the individual filming conditions.

Facility fees will vary depending on when and where filming is required. Details of the fees to be charged and invoice details must be agreed before any filming takes place.

Resources must be supervised by Shropshire Archives staff at all times. Ensuring the security and preservation of material is the priority for the service. Material should not be subject to unacceptable risk, including excessive heat, from lighting. Handling of material should meet the service’s guidelines.

Shropshire Archives staff have the right to withdraw resources from any filming if they believe them to be at risk.


These guidelines will be reviewed within three years. They are, however, a working document, and may be subject to change within that period.