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Shropshire Archives is now closed to onsite visitors to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our remote services are still available.


Holocaust Memorial Day

January 20, 20214:48 pmLeave a Comment

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day on the 27th of January, we look into some of the first-hand accounts of Shropshire soldiers who saw the atrocities of the Holocaust and the local response here in Shropshire. The theme for this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day is ‘Be the light in the darkness’. The KSLI Most Shropshire soldiers […]

Shropshire Archives entrance

Lockdown again

January 13, 202110:12 amLeave a Comment

Shropshire Archives is currently closed to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. We will remain closed until the lockdown restrictions are lifted. We will continue to answer enquiries and provide copying services. Do get in touch via our website or by emailing [email protected] if there is anything that we can help you with. Please […]

Wilfred Owen’s poems

December 1, 20209:36 amDecember 1, 2020 9:39 amLeave a Comment

Wilfred Owen’s first book of Poems was published exactly one hundred years ago.  At the time of his death two years earlier, this young man from Shropshire’s poetry was only known by his family and a close circle of literary friends. Since then, his poetic legacy is such that he is widely regarded as one of Britain’s greatest war poets.  To mark the occasion, our librarian […]

More early census returns

November 24, 202010:07 amNovember 24, 2020 10:21 amLeave a Comment

During the latest lockdown we’ve added more census indexes and images to our website. The indexes were created by our wonderful volunteers. We hope this opens up access, allowing you to find that elusive ancestors or conduct a statistical analysis of the population. Wellington census, 1821 You can now browse and search for names in […]

A record of Swallows

November 20, 202010:37 amLeave a Comment

For many people 2020 has been a strange, unsettling and horrible year. There have, however, been moments hope including communities coming together as well as a chance to appreciate nature. We thought we’d share a lovely diary written by one of our volunteers: A record of Swallows during 2020 the year of the virus. When […]

Salop Fire Office insurance records

November 18, 202010:55 amLeave a Comment

Coming soon… Shropshire Archives holds a series of 12 books listing fire insurance policies taken out with Salop Fire Office between 1780 and 1889. The policies cover property in both Shropshire and Montgomeryshire. All of the books have been digitised and work is currently underway with a team of virtual volunteers to produce a detailed […]

Entering lockdown again

November 5, 20204:50 pmLeave a Comment

Following the recent government announcement, Shropshire Archives will be closed from 5 November to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.   We will remain closed until the lockdown restrictions are lifted. We hope to re-open in December but this will be guided by national and local guidelines. We will continue to answer enquiries and provide […]

World Digital Preservation Day

November 5, 202012:35 pmNovember 6, 2020 11:59 amLeave a Comment

Today is World Digital Preservation Day, so here is a brief catch up on what we have been doing at Shropshire Archives from Archivist, Sara Downs…. During lockdown, I commenced a survey of our accession register to find all digital items that we have received. Currently, we do take certain digital items, but we are not […]

Henry Box Brown

Black History Month 2

October 9, 20207:41 amLeave a Comment

Into the 19th and 20th centuries Sources at Shropshire Archives show how the abolition movement found support in Shropshire at the end of the 18th century and how campaigners and emancipated slaves visited the county.  Local boroughs, in particular Bridgnorth and Much Wenlock, regularly petitioned Parliament for the abolition of slavery.  The fantastic series of […]

Black History Month 1

October 8, 20202:08 pmLeave a Comment

Looking at 17th and 18th century Shropshire sources Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the myth that Black, Asian and ethnic minority people have only been present in Britain since the 1960s still persists.   Yet archives reveal that they have been documented in Britain since Roman times.  As part of Black History Month, we highlight some of […]