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Closed Week

December 21, 201811:16 amLeave a Comment

Much as we love having everyone in doing their research or volunteer work during the rest of the year, our annual closed week is a welcome opportunity to close our doors for a few days so that the staff can have a chance to catch up and focus on tasks which otherwise it is difficult to find the time and space to take on. It is a chance to get all the staff together for valuable training and planning, as well as getting stuck in to some much needed sorting, clearing and general tidying – of desks, computers, public areas and stores.

Evac chair training

Evac chair training

We are always very busy and this year was no exception.

We were able to focus on testing the upgrade to our website which will be launched in the New Year. This will enhance security, improve our ability to respond to requests for copies and allow automatic downloads of some images.

We were fortunate to have a valuable training session from Liz Young on House History resources, broadening our knowledge and helping us to improve the guidance we can provide to our users.

At the other end of the spectrum, essential training in the use of Evacuation Chairs was undertaken.

Here is a list of some of the tasks we were able to take on during the week:

  • A big sort and rationalisation of our Ordnance Survey maps
  • Re-ordering and rationalising stores to create space for new accessions
  • Accessioning and shelving some of our larger recent deposits
  • Sorting and shelving local studies publications backlog
  • Sorting uncatalogued parts of the Salt solicitors’ collection
  • Completing the cataloguing of the Radbrook College collection (ED8914)
  • Completion of up to date cataloguing of small collections (MI sequence)
  • Field Name map catalogue completed and launched online (7305)
  • Progressing with survey of c.50,000 film and glass negatives with a view to beginning a repackaging project in 2019 for some of the higher priority items (depending on external funding)
Row 50 Bay C Shelves 1 -8

Negatives in our store room

Shropshire Star negatives in box

Some Shropshire Star negatives

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