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Conservation treasures and horrors

November 19, 202112:15 pmNovember 19, 2021 12:56 pmLeave a Comment

We have a wide variety of bound volumes in collections here at Shropshire Archives in very different physical conditions. Our conservator, Seren Fisher, writes:

“Recently I viewed two different books in Conservation, one was 500 years old and in a very good condition, and the other was 100 years old and incredibly fragile. Although their condition is undoubtedly due to how they’ve been handled and kept during their lifetime, the over-riding factor determining their condition is the materials they are made from”.

Liber de exemplis ac similitudinibus rerum (Venice : Johannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis, 1499) is a leather binding on wooden (oak) boards from c.1499 with a paper book block (pages) made from cotton, linen and/or hemp rags. This is from the parochial library collection and was originally kept at Tong Parish Church.

The second volume is a Record of Executions quarter bound book from Shrewsbury Prison (access partly restricted). This was started in 1902 and used up to the last execution of a prisoner George Riley 1961. It has burgundy leather corners and spine and marbled paper covers, made with wood pulp paper (hence the condition).

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