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Field name maps

December 20, 20181:37 pmApril 21, 2020 9:26 am

Foxall Field Name Maps now online!

 7305/S124 Woodbatch in Bishop's Castle field name map
extract from 7305/S124 Woodbatch in Bishop’s Castle field name map

“To those of us who have any feeling for the land in general and the land of Shropshire in particular, it must be a matter for regret that many of the old field-names familiar to generations of our forefathers are today almost unknown”

So starts the introduction to H D G Foxall’s Shropshire Field-Names published in 1980. Thanks to Mr Foxall’s untiring research, these names have been recorded for future generations.

Using tithe awards of c 1840, estate surveys and OS maps, the field names have been written on maps showing each individual field’s shape and location. Dr Margaret Gelling has commented “These maps make it possible to study field-names as they should be studied, that is, in relation to the pieces of land to which they belong”.

The Foxall maps are a wonderful resource to local and landscape historians. Many names are poetic and mundane but all give an indication of the nature of the land, its quality, agricultural use and ownership.

Shropshire Archives has now digitised the entire collection of Mr Foxall’s maps and these are listed on our online catalogue.

High resolution digital copies can also be purchased and downloaded from our website.

How to find field name maps online

Find maps by:

  • searching for X7305* and the name of the place you are interested in eg X7305* Bucknell
  • searching for field name map of…. eg field name map of Whitchurch
  • follow this link to the collection description and use the ‘browse this collection’ option to find a map.

You’ll see a thumbnail image.

How to purchase high resolution downloads

  • To download a high resolution image, choose ‘view record’ and then ‘view or purchase’.
  • At this stage you will be prompted to log in to the website or register if you’ve not already done so.
  • Then click the ‘purchase download’ option.
  • You’ll then see confirmation of the items you want to download plus prices with terms and conditions for downloading and you can continue to purchase the items securely.

If you are ordering a number of items, the alternative is to add them to your ‘wish list’ first. From your wish list, you can then select multiple items to download.

The field name maps vary in price due to the considerable difference in the size of the maps from very small townships to large parishes such as Pontesbury.

Once a download has been paid for you should be able to click on the ‘download’ link or image thumbnail to view the high resolution image in a pop-up window in your browser.  You’ll need to ensure that pop-ups are enabled for our site. The pop-up window has a download button in the bottom left corner (circled yellow in the picture below).

Example of a field name map in the pop up window

Clicking on this button will open a small dialogue box asking which version of the file you wish to download. 

For the high resolution image, you would need to check the one with the largest pixel dimensions (5171 x 6415px).

example of pixel dimensions
Written by sarahd