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Lots more lists online

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We always say it’s worth checking our online catalogue frequently as we constantly add new material. This is true now more than ever.

We have finally transferred onto our website all the remaining catalogues, previously only available as paper lists on our search room shelves or online as part of the National Archives website, Discovery  

These were initially part of the “Access to Archives (A2A)” national initiative to get paper records online, started back in the early 2000s. Volunteers began the process of converting and editing the catalogues so that they could be searched through our website.   However, due to various technical difficulties, over 60 catalogues remained frustratingly impossible to transfer and add to our own online catalogue.  Due in part to recent developments of the Discovery website allowing more flexible exporting, as well the opportunity afforded by lockdown, we were finally able to work out how to export, convert and edit these remaining lists into a format suitable for importing onto our own archive database. 

This means that almost all the Shropshire Archive catalogues available on the National Archives website are now also available on our own website.  We think the only significant exception is our large series of education records (ED) but we have been working on these and are hoping to complete this shortly, so watch this space.

The catalogues cover a wide range of topics – from schools to landed estates, railways and mines as well records of local businesses, clubs, societies and churches.

We’ve summarised the collections added to our website. Those in bold have been added this month. We’ll be featuring more detail on some of these collections in later blog posts but do follow the links to explore the catalogues.

X3974     A & A Peate, Maesbury Mills, Oswestry 

X1123     Alberbury, The Black Abbey 

X5179     Atcham Female Benefit Society and Withington Benefit Society 

X5104     Charity of Elizabeth Turton and other

X2604     Church plans from office of Hodgson Fowler, architect, Durham 

X3694     Colonel Payne of Pentre Uchaf 

X3878     Deeds – Broome Estate 

X4233     Deeds – property in Annscroft 

X4797     Deeds – Rodington and Withington 

X4457     Deeds – Swan Hill House and adjoining property 

X3650     Deeds for 68 and 69 Broad Street, Ludlow 

X4842     Deeds of Copyhold Properties, Dodington Manor, Whitchurch 

X3990     Deeds relating to Newport 

X4106     Diddlebury and Holdgate School and Diddlebury Working Mens Club 

X5310     Family papers of George Higley 

X5415     Foxall Collection 

X1578     Hall Collection 

X1298     Hinckesman Collection 

X3886     J O Pointon & Sons, decorators and plumbers of Wellington 

X1787     Kinnerley Farm Hall and Mill, Kinnerley 

X3950     Marcy, Hemmingway, solicitors 

X1044     Mellington Deeds 

X5010     Miscellaneous Deeds (Brignorth, Ditton Priors, Morville and Oldbury) 

X4680     Miscellaneous Deeds, Shropshire estates 

X3441     Montford Estate Deeds 

X783       Morgan Solicitors, Ludlow 

XMOR     Morgans of Ludlow, solicitors 

X3787     Nereus Jones Papers 

X4734     Offa Field Club and Offa Antiquarian Society 

X4002     Oswestry Boys’ High School 

XPAL       Palin Papers 

X4155     Mining Research Papers of Reg Morton 

X2756     Papers of S Morley Tonkin 

X3607     Papers of the late J. R. W. Whitfield 

X5409     Papers relating to the Garn and Spoad, Clun 

X3693     Payne Family Papers 

X677       Pontesbury Portions 

XRP         Railway and Station Plans 

X3891     Records of E A Wilson of Ellesmere 

X2339     Records of E Payne 

X587       Records of the Whitfield Family 

X1913     Reverend J C Hill 

X5360     Richards, (Solicitors) Llangollen 

XSFO      Salop Fire Office 

XSAN      Sandford Collection 

X2287     Severn House, Coalbrookdale 

X4212     Shrewsbury United Reformed Church 

X4534     Shropshire Association of Women’s Clubs 

X4531     Shropshire County Branch of the National Farmers’ Union 

X4406     Shropshire Deeds 

X5165     Shropshire Imperial Service Fund 

X4386     Shropshire Ladies County Club 

X4839     Shropshire Nursing Association Welfare Fund 

X436       Shropshire Provident Society 

X4962     Shropshire Technical School for Girls (Radbrook College) 

X4470     Shropshire volumes, prints and maps 

X5381     Snailbeach Lead Mining Company 

X1067     Stokes family of Roughton, Worfield 

X5169     Title Deeds of 1 Bailey Street, Oswestry 

X5194     Tunstall Old Court 

X4140     Upton Collection 

X2496     Valentine Vickers, land agents and surveyors 

XWMS    Wace Morgan, solicitors 

XWIN      Windler Collection 

XWI        Women’s Institutes 

X231       Woodcote Hall 

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