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Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll

September 18, 20191:28 pmApril 21, 2020 9:24 amLeave a Comment

Discovered in a London antique shop in 2015 and dating from c.1580, the beautiful Ludlow Castle Heraldic roll contains 42 coats of arms of some of the owners of Ludlow castle, presidents and members of the Council in the Marches of Wales from the 11th century to the 16th. It records the arms painted in the Ludlow Castle chapel by order of Sir Henry Sidney, President of the Council in 1574.

A successful appeal by the Mortimer History Society and Friends of Ludlow Museum enabled the purchase of the roll.

To ensure its preservation in suitable environmental conditions, the original will be kept at Shropshire Archives (ref 9546) although it is currently on short-term display at the Ludlow Museum Resource Centre.

Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll (part)
Part of the Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll
ref 9546

As a result of the Heraldic Roll project, you can also view high resolution images of the Heradic Roll on the Shropshire Archives website and zoom into the incredible and colourful detail.

The Mortimer Society and Friends of Ludlow Museum continue to research the roll and have a conference on Saturday 5th October on ‘the Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll, a window into Tudor times’ telling the story of the roll and its heraldry, Ludlow Castle in the time of Sir Henry Sidney and the lives of the people on the roll . Please download their flyer and conference programme for more information (PDFs) and take the opportunity to learn more about this important document.

Written by sarahd

2 thoughts on “Ludlow Castle Heraldic Roll”

  1. Robert Tittler says:

    I would be delighted to know if the painter of the roll has been identified. I note that my data base of early Modern British Painters ( may well list this person from amongst its nearly 2,800 biographical entries without knowing of a connection to this work. Has any painter been identified|?
    Robert Tittler, FSA
    Concordia University

    1. Sal says:

      Many thanks for your comment and message. I believe the research group did make use of your database and may have some additional information for you. We shall pass this on to them and shall be adding further information to our catalogue about the roll shortly.
      Sal Mager, Senior Archivist

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