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Mallinson’s photographs

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James Mallinson (1891-1959) was a prolific commercial photographer, living in Shrewsbury all his life. Within the archives are over 1000 photographs; his photographs.

Many record major demolitions and rebuilds in Shrewsbury in the 1920s and 1930’s. One major event so recorded was the rebuilding of the English Bridge, which was dismantled and moved piece by piece, by railway, to a yard near the Abbey. A temporary bridge was built to accommodate the A5 (Holyhead Road). The new bridge was rebuilt wider and lower. There are over one hundred photographs in the archives/internet of the bridge, showing all aspects of the work, which are well worth looking at.

English Bridge, James Mallinson photograph ref PH/S/13/E/2/4

English Bridge, James Mallinson photograph ref PH/S/13/E/2/4

To browse through these, simply type Mallinson English Bridge in the search box above.

The Mallinson photographs were catalogued thanks to one of our wonderful long standing volunteers, Tony Price.

Tony has written fascinating articles giving more detail about both Mallinson and the English Bridge in recent issues of the Friends of Shropshire Archives magazine, the Salopian Recorder issue no 89 (Autumn 2017) and the new issue no 90 (Spring 2018).

The Mallinson photographs ‘a treasure trove found in a Shropshire attice’ were the subject of a recent article in the Shropshire Star

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