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The last part of our re-create, remember and re-imagine theme shows how Archives can be used to inspire creativity.

As more of our collections are digitised, you can view some of the wonderful photographs, watercolours and other more visual archives from your home.

Simply search our website for a subject or place, then use the filters to show results ‘from the collections’ and with ‘images only’.


Read below for a few examples of archives being used creatively, but if you’ve found inspiration here or know of more examples, we’d love to hear from you.

Eyton playbills and posters

Shropshire Archives holds a fantastic series of play bills and posters, collected by the Eyton family ref 665. Most relate to Shrewsbury including advertisements for shows at the Music Hall (now the Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery) and other local venues. There are also a number of political campaign posters for prospective Shrewsbury MPs in the 19th century.

Visitors and volunteers at the Archives have often found these inspirational. A playbill about the visit of  Professor Devono to the Lion Hotel provided inspiration for a play by student Philip Jones. Read more on our researching for a play blog.

Students at MediaActive also featured the wonderful playbills in their short film ‘Oddities and Wonders’ film about the Music Hall:

Myths and legends

Story teller Fiona at Shropshire Archives

We’ve used resources at Shropshire Archives (often in collaboration with Mythstories) to create some exciting pieces of art and story telling.

As part of a Heritage Lottery Funded Young Roots project, storyteller Fiona discovered the intriguing story of an 18th century whipper-in of the Broseley Hunt, Tom Moody, who allegedly reappeared to join the hunt as a ghost. More research found fuller and slightly different versions of this life-story, including one in ballad form. The story was brought back to life by young people and you can see the results on our Archive Zone site The Ghost of Tom Moody

Archive Zone is a resource created for students and teachers and features more exciting collaborations.

Field name maps at Shopshire Archive also provided in inspiration for artwork and music as part of the arts council funded Where Dragons Lead project.  You can find out more about the maps here.   

Shropshire Remembers

Archive research contributed to the commemorations of the First World War held over the last 4 years, with some very inspiring and creative pieces of remembrance resulting from this, including dance, drama and film. Find out more on the Shropshire Remembers projects page.

Poems and more

We’ll be featuring more about archives inspiring poetry on another blog post with some examples.

If you’ve used archives creatively then do let us know. It’s always great to see the results of research at the Archives.

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