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Remember: Buildwas Bridges

May 12, 20202:04 pmMay 13, 2020 8:17 amLeave a Comment

Volunteer, Tony Price, remembers visiting Buildwas and how he found our more about the bridges in his subsequent research:

“As a child I was taken to Buildwas by my parents. My father was visiting his boss. I however was more interested in the railway level crossing, always hoping that the crossing keeper would come out and close the gate, which was not too often.  The other thing that stayed in my mind was the large bridge over the river, also the remains of an old bridge.

Looking at the Shropshire Archives web site I was surprised to see that there appear to have been 5 bridges over river not 4 as is generally recorded. The first bridge was a stone one, which was washed away in the late 1700’s.

Thomas Telford was consulted about a replacement and he was commissioned to arrange a replacement.  In the meantime he seems to have commissioned a temporary replacement.”

Deposited plan of Buildwas bridge, ref DP30
Plans and sections for a temporary bridge on the site of the “stone bridge” at Buildwas, ref DP30

“The Telford bridge was built by the Coalbrookdale Company.  This lasted until the start of the 20th century. The Archives have extensive records of this bridge.

The next bridge was a steel lattice girder bridge, which lasted 95 years, and was replaced with the present concrete one.”

There aren’t any pictures of the latest bridge at Shropshire Archives, so if you’ve taken any recently we’d be pleased to add these to our collection.

Written by sarahd

2 thoughts on “Remember: Buildwas Bridges”

  1. HER Officer says:

    There’s some further information on the succession of Bridges on Shropshire’s Historic Environment Record:

    This includes photographs of the present concrete bridge.

    There is a good Williams watercolour of the original stone bridge, painted in 1790, only a few years before it was washed away in a flood of 1795.

    1. sarahd says:

      The Williams watercolour has now been added to the post.

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