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Remember: VE day

May 6, 20208:03 amLeave a Comment

The 8th May marks the anniversary of VE Day, the end of fighting in Europe during the Second World War. The news must have been greeted with a mixture of emotions, relief and jubilation but also regret for lives lost and concern for those still fighting in the Far East. It was not until 15th August, when Japan surrendered, that the war was over.

VE day celebrations in Carline Fields
VE day celebrations in Carline Fields ref MI7486/50 used with permission of the Shropshire Star

Spontaneous celebrations spilled out into the streets of Shropshire. It was reported that a gramophone played in the Market Square at Shrewsbury and a pair of cami-knickers were draped on the head of the statue of Lord Clive.

VE day parade in Whitchurch ref PH/W/18/6/13
VE day parade in Whitchurch ref PH/W/18/6/13

Over the following days and weeks more formal events were organised. On Sunday, 13th May, a Victory Parade marched through Shrewsbury and a service of thanks giving was held at St Chads. Parishes and communities around the county came together to mark this significant milestone, often funds and ration coupons were combined to hold street parties, with blackout restrictions lifted, beacons and bonfires could be lit, music could be played in celebration.

 With the country in lockdown, the VE Day commemorations will be very different this year. Wartime resilience has been called upon to get us through the current crisis and perhaps when it is all over, we too can look forward to family reunions and community celebrations.

Written by alisonm - Modified by sarahd

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