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Shrewsbury biscuit recipe

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One of Shrewsbury’s more famous products is a special type of biscuit. The Shrewsbury Biscuit is thought to have developed from an original recipe for Shrewsbury Cake, and one of the most renowned recipes was produced by a Mr Palin. His name is remembered on a plaque above the door of his shop, on Castle Gates.

Palin's shop print PR/2/217

Palin’s shop print PR/2/217

As you probably know, the plaque reads

This shop occupies the site of a building where Palin first made the unique Shrewsbury cakes to his original recipe in the year 1760.

Oh! Palin, Prince of Cake Compounders,

The mouth liquefies at thy very name!

There are now many variations on the recipe, but all still contain spice and rosewater. One old recipe consists of 1lb plain flour, 1lb sugar, 3 beaten eggs, caraway seed, nutmeg, and 3 spoonfuls each of rosewater and sherry.

Mix together, roll out, cut into shapes, prick all over, and bake in a moderate oven. For modern tastes, the addition of butter and the use of less sugar may prove more appetising (making it similar to a shortbread mixture) – the original biscuit was very hard and very sweet.

Taken from our local studies collection D23.2 v.f. Shrewsbury Cakes

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