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Shrewsbury house plans

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If you live in Shrewsbury and your house was built between 1877 and 1945, there is a high possibility that the original building plans are available to view at Shropshire Archives.

During this time details of any new building work had to be passed to the local authority in order to gain their approval. This generated a huge wealth of detailed records not only for buildings in Shrewsbury but across the county. These records continue up to the present day and although our holdings are incomplete, tens of thousands of plans do survive and most of these are now included on our online catalogue.

In the case of Shrewsbury Borough, this particular series of plans amounted to over 6000 plans which survived stored in special custom made tin boxes from the war period. Since they were transferred to Shropshire Archives in 2009, one of our volunteers has carefully inspected, catalogued and repackaged each plan to ensure their future survival and make them available for research.

Identifying a particular property can be challenging as the plans were created before specific house numbers or names had been allocated. Potential candidates can be identified by searching for the street name around the relevant date, usually within a year or two before the building work was completed.

The records are listed on our online catalogue at DA5/710 .

You can browse the collection by year or search for a particular location by searching e.g. “DA5/710* Canon Street”. If you’d like to view the records in our Search Room, you can request them through our online catalogue or by emailing [email protected]

Please note that the plans are held off-site so need to be requested at least one week in advance of viewing.

If you would like help researching a particular property, you may wish to make use of our house history searches

We also run regular courses for beginners in researching their own house history. Contact Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery if you’d like to be added to a waiting list for the next course: [email protected]

Building Control Plan DA5/710/14/10

Building control plan Mount Street

Building control plan Mount Street DA16-710-14-10 page 2
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