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April 28, 20201:45 pmLeave a Comment

Appeal for coronavirus diaries

We are living in quite unprecedented, unsettling and strange times.

The experience of individuals in this time of national crisis will be important for future historical research. Shropshire Archives is interested in keeping a record of the experiences of the people of Shropshire during the current Covid-19 Pandemic and the impact of the lock-down. This will help future generations understand how the crisis impacted on Shropshire and its people.

This could be a daily journal, a descriptive piece of writing or even a poem or drawing. You might like to photograph life in lock-down – closed shops, deserted streets or unexpected wildlife. The positive as well as the unsettling would be interesting to record, such as the community neighbourliness or thank yous to the NHS.

If you do want to get involved, please send your contributions to [email protected]. We’d like to share as much as possible, but if you’d prefer us not to, then let us know.

We can also accept printed or handwritten information by post, although there will be delays in processing these. Or you can bring these in once we are open again.

Please do stay safe.

Written by sarahd

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