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Attingham Collection

Identifier: X112 · Date: 1429-1973 · Author: Shropshire Archives

This collection relates to the Hill (from 1824 Noel-Hill) family of Attingham and includes records relating to the management of their estates as well as family material. The basis of the fortunes...

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Dean v. Lord Berwick – Richard Ryder Dean v. Henry Richard Noel, Baron Berwick, The Reverend Thomas Noel Noel-Hill, Thomas Henry Noel-Hill an infant by Henry Richard Noel Baron Berwick his guardian and the Honourable Emily Noel-Hill (1884)

Identifier: X112/21/1/2 · Date: 1870-1886 · Author: Shropshire Archives

R R Dean was the executor and trustee of the will concerning the estate of William Noel sixth Baron Berwick (1802-1882). The case was to determine what articles were in or about Attingham Hall at t...

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1885 Wilding and others to Hill. Schedule of deeds relating to 6 copy hold dwelling houses at Church Stretton purchased by the Rev. Charles Noel Hill

Identifier: 1210/44 · Date: 1746 - 1885 · Author: Shropshire Archives

8 May 1746 Surrender of Samuel Nichols
13 May 1762 Surrender and admittance of Samuel Matthews and Jane his wife
13 May 1862 Surrender of Moses Eaton and Thomas Maund and admittance Samuel Matthews...

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Longueville papers – Box 105

Identifier: 5982/Box 105 · Date: 1759 - 1917 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Miscellaneous folder of oddments
William Turton?s affidavit in case of Meares v Meares, concerning Margaret Meares, widow, a lunatick
April 1759

Receipt for 5 5s 0d from T I Jones, Esq for attenda...

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Longueville papers – Box 85

Identifier: 5982/Box 85 · Date: 1716 - 1899 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Cash notebook - subscription towards erection of new National & Sunday School and Master?s House in Oswestry. Election of Master and Mistress and Superintendence of the school to be vested in the ...

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Longueville papers – Box 86

Identifier: 5982/Box 86 · Date: 1723 - 1902 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Settlement made previous to marriage of Mr William Oswell with Miss Prytherch
1) William Oswell, town of Shrewsbury, C.Salop Draper
2) Rev Stephen Prytherch of Leighton, C.Salop Clerk
3) Mary Pryth...

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Longueville papers – Box 65

Identifier: 5982/Box 65 · Date: 1784 - 1890 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Purchase agreement ? 325 sq yds of land at Gobowen
1) James Green, Birch Mt, Langollen, Denbs, Gent, Vendor
2) Rev William McLaren Armistead of Oswestry, Wesleyan Minister ? purchaser.
19 September...

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Letter book

Identifier: 112/12/Box 22 · Date: 1753-1759 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Letter book containing copies of Thomas Hill's letters to various correspondents.
Includes references to:
Thomas Hill [Harwood]:
Applying for lottery tickets 5, 6, 12
Requests financial advice 21

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Wroxeter and Atcham – Map of lands exchanged between the Rt. Hon. Thomas Noel Hill Lord Berwick, the Rt. Hon. William Harry Earl of Darlington, and the Rev. Edward [Edmund] Dana,

Identifier: 112/8/4 · Date: 1807 · Author: Shropshire Archives

With schedule detailing field names and glebe lands, with acreage.
Ornamental cartouche.
Scale: 13.3" to 1 mile.

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