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Thomas Henry Noel-Hill

Identifier: 112/23/4 · Date: 1830-1870 · Author: Shropshire Archives
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Henrietta Maria Hill (Lady Bruce)

Identifier: 112/23/3 · Author: Shropshire Archives
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Harriet Maria Selina Noel-Hill and Anne Noel-Hill

Identifier: 112/23/7/1-4 · Date: 1860-1899 · Author: Shropshire Archives

112/23/7/1-2 Harriet Maria Selina Noel-Hill (d. 1893)
Harriet was the eldest child of Thomas Henry (1804-1870) and Harriet Rebecca Humffreys, the sister of Anne Noel-Hill (1856-1905), the seventh...

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Thomas Noel Noel-Hill

Identifier: 112/23/6 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Thomas Noel (1847-1897) was a son of Rev Thomas Henry Noel-Hill (1804-1870) and Harriet Rebecca Humffreys. His twin brother was Richard Henry Noel-Hill, who became the seventh Baron Berwick (1847-1...

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Mary Selina Noel-Hill

Identifier: 112/23/8/1 · Date: 1901 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Mary (1875-1950) was the elder child of Thomas Noel Noel-Hill (1847-1888) and Frederica Sarah Morrice and the sister of Thomas Henry who became the eighth Baron Berwick. As her father died before h...

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