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“Bundle no. 6” Release relating to satisfied trusts for the Rt Hon and the Rev Richard Lord Berwick – the Rev. Daniel Griffiths and William Humphreys, Esq of which the late William Owen, Esq was trustee.

Identifier: D3651/B/4/6/5 · Date: 1810-1849 · Author: Shropshire Archives

1) 4 Jan 1814
H.P.J. Aubrey esq to William Owen and Owen Roberts Esqrs, bond of indemnity, re 3-4 Jan 1814, 4-5 Jan 1805 (Daniel and Martha Griffiths marriage settlement).
2) List of claimants to 6...

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“Nicholas Owen Smythe Owen – Drafts of Deeds generally exclusive of conveyances, mortgages, trust deeds, etc.”

Identifier: D3651/B/3/3/138 · Date: 1776-1819 · Author: Shropshire Archives

1) Release and Extinguishment of an annuity of 50 pa in the several estates of Roger Finch, Esq., dec. (except the capital messuage and tenement called Shade Oak which alone continues subject to i...

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“Trustees of the Condover Estate, 1852. Title deeds to land at Chatford purchased from Mrs Goff and her Trustees and Mortgagees”

Identifier: D3651/B/3/4/1/61 · Date: 1851-1853 · Author: Shropshire Archives

1) Copy conveyance of lands situate at Chatford in the parish of Condover, Trustees of the will of Nicholas Owen Smythe Owen and Edward William Smythe Owen to John Goff and George Wace, 26 Nov 1852...

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1885 Wilding and others to Hill. Schedule of deeds relating to 6 copy hold dwelling houses at Church Stretton purchased by the Rev. Charles Noel Hill

Identifier: 1210/44 · Date: 1746 - 1885 · Author: Shropshire Archives

8 May 1746 Surrender of Samuel Nichols
13 May 1762 Surrender and admittance of Samuel Matthews and Jane his wife
13 May 1862 Surrender of Moses Eaton and Thomas Maund and admittance Samuel Matthews...

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Abstract of title of Hon William Hill to tithes of corn and hay of Sheet Farm, Ludford.

Identifier: D3651/B/20/2/5/1 · Date: [Early 19th century] · Author: Shropshire Archives

Abstract of the Title of the Hon. William Hill to the Tithes of Corn, Grain and Hay arising out of anf from a farm called the Sheet and other lands within the parish of Ludford

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Abstract of title of William Noel Lord Berwick to land at Betton

Identifier: D3651/B/14/2/20 · Date: 1876 · Author: Shropshire Archives
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Assignment of a Fortune in Trust

Identifier: 7170/1/21/1-2 · Date: 10 Nov 1775 · Author: Shropshire Archives

1st Part: Miss Leighton with the approbation of William Child
2nd Part: Noel Hill and George Forester

Assignment of a fortune in trust for Anna Bella Leighton by Letitia Barnston until Anna Bella ...

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Attached to list of pictures purchased by William Noel-Hill

Identifier: 112/21/1/4/33 · Date: 1882? · Author: Shropshire Archives
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Attingham Collection

Identifier: X112 · Date: 1429-1973 · Author: Shropshire Archives

This collection relates to the Hill (from 1824 Noel-Hill) family of Attingham and includes records relating to the management of their estates as well as family material. The basis of the fortunes...

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