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Letters from her husband, 1943

Identifier: 112/22/10/1/1/24/1-17 · Date: 6 Jan 01 Dec 1943 · Author: Shropshire Archives

/1 From Attingham Park. Refers to; Sheila, Mrs Durward, Ellison, Cole, Mr Williams, Oliver Leese [Sir Oliver William Hargreaves Leese], Margaret Alice Leese at Tabley, Findley. 6 Jan (Letter)
/2 Fr...

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Communications from various correspondents, from bundle marked Oct 1919

Identifier: 112/22/9/5/1-88 · Date: 2-31 Oct 1919 · Author: Shropshire Archives

/1 From William Hulton, 10 King's Bench Walk, Temple, 2 Oct
/2 From Aunt Blanche [Hulton], Highfield House, Worsley, Lancs, 2 Oct 1919
/3 From Marie [Watkins], Convalescenziario in Fasano, 2 Oct

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Juliana Elsmere, fund under separation settlement

Identifier: D3651/B/13/6/15 · Date: 1861-1888 · Author: Shropshire Archives

(Some items in this bundle may relate to other clients)
D3651/B/13/6/15/1 Deeds etc.:
1) Copy probate will 1836 of John Smith of English Frankton, gent, 1837. William Cooper trustee.
2) Copy probat...

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Correspondence from various sources, unsorted.

Identifier: 112/12/Box 31 · Date: 1723-1781 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Correspondence from various sources, and draft letters from Thomas Hill, principally relating to local matters.
Includes reference to: Thomas Hill [Harwood]:
Requested to attend Commons 2
Comments ...

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Letters from her husband, 1944

Identifier: 112/22/10/1/1/25/1-31 · Date: 17 Jan-25 Dec 1944 · Author: Shropshire Archives

/1 From Carlton Club, St James's Street to Attingham Park. News of his journey. Mentions Miss Burrows. 17 Jan (Postcard)
/2 From Carlton Club, 69 St James's Street to Attingham Park. He has not bee...

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Letters from her husband, 1945

Identifier: 112/22/10/1/1/26/1-24 · Date: 2 Jan-4 Dec 1945 · Author: Shropshire Archives

/1 From Attingham to The Ladies Carlton Club, 5 Grosvenor Place. He mentions Colonel Wallace, Major Taylor, Mr Irvine (all Air Ministry), Captain Thompson, Miller. They had a meeting regarding the ...

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Communications from various correspondents, from bundle marked Jul 1938

Identifier: 112/22/9/433/1-32 · Date: 2-30 Jul 1938 · Author: Shropshire Archives

/1 From Stormont Mancroft, 48 Montagu Square, W1, no date (will come on Tuesday night)
/2 From Margaret [Lady] Boyne, Belgrave House, Belgrave Square, SW1, 2 Jul (can't come to the dinner, will com...

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Letter book

Identifier: 112/12/Box 21 · Date: 1740-1753 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Letter book containing copies of Thomas Hill's letters to various correspondents.
Includes references to:
Thomas Hill [Harwood]:
Birth of son Samuel 30, 32, 34, 35, 40-43
Birth of son Noel 99, 100,...

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Marriage settlement

Identifier: 665/5907 · Date: 21 October 1782 · Author: Shropshire Archives

1. Sir Richard Acton of Aldenham bart
2. Philip Langdale of Houghton, East Riding of Yorkshire, esq and Elizabeth his wife
3. The Rt Hon Charles Lord Stourton baron Stourton of Stourton (formerly t...

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Correspondence primarily from Thomas Bell, estate agent for Thomas Hill.

Identifier: 112/12/Box 20 · Date: 1734-1750 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Correspondence primarily form Thomas Bell, estate agent, principally concerning estate matters and local affairs.
Includes references to:
Thomas Hill:
Chosen to act as Supervisor of the Highways 3...

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