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Loose bundle of papers including catalogues and correspondence re the pictures at Attingham Hall.

Identifier: D3651/B/20/4/2 · Date: 1833 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Catalogues and lists re paintings at Attingham
D3651/B/20/4/2/1 n.d. Catalogue of paintings [Attingham]
D3651/B/20/4/2/2 10 Dec 1833 Valuation of pictures at Attingham Hall
D3651/B/20/4/2/3 n.d...

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Exparte: The Right Honourable Thomas Henry, Eighth Baron Berwick (re Richard Noel Fifth Baron deceased)

Identifier: X112/21/1/7 · Date: 1897-1899 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Exparte: an application made in a judicial proceeding by: (1) an interested person who is not a party; (2) one person in the absence of another.

This case is closely connected with Berwick v. Ber...

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Conveyances of land on the Town Walls

Identifier: DA5/150/12/2/3 · Date: 1836 · Author: Shropshire Archives

(/1-2) Attested copies of a conveyance, 25 Mar 1836
1. Rev. John Dryden Piggott and the Hon. and Rev. Richard Noel Hill
2. William Egerton Jeffreys, esq., George Brittain Peplow and Thomas Mottram

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Communications from various correspondents, from bundle marked Dec 1930

Identifier: 112/22/9/259/1-31 · Date: 1-30 Dec 1930 · Author: Shropshire Archives

/1 From Arthur Duckworth, 124 Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury, 1 Dec (will not be able to attend the Commons when the Slaughter of Animals Bill comes up)
/2 Printed invitation from the Italian ambassado...

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Bundle of papers and correspondence relating to a messuage in Stable Yard, St James’ Palace, Westminster.

Identifier: D3651/B/20/2/2/3 · Date: 1827-1841 · Author: Shropshire Archives

1) Nov-Dec 1827 Two letters from T F Hunt to Rt. Hon. William Noel Hill with regard to the valuation of the house in the Stable Yard
2) Dec 1827 Valuation of house and premises in Stable Yard
3) ...

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Copy of as deed as part of recoveries

Identifier: D3651/B/20/2/3/2 · Date: 4 Feb 1792 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Annotated: Copy of Bargain and Sale Inrolled for making a Tenant to the Freehold for suffering Recoveries of Lord Berwicks Estates in the counties of Salop, Stafford and Middlesex
1. Thoma...

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Lease for a year

Identifier: 665/12 · Date: 1 Mar 1776 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Thomas Eyton of Wellington esq To Charlton Leighton of Luton esq and Noel Hill of Tern esq. Cons: 10s. Lease for a year of the manors of Eyton als Eyton upon the Wildmoores, Bretton als Bratton als...

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Tern and Atcham Bridges [Tern Bridge erected 1778]

Identifier: XQ/E/7/1/182 · Date: 1746-1841 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Draft contract by Thomas Kynaston for repair of Atcham, Tern and Montford Bridges and pavements for 31 (Apr 1746);
Plan, section and articles of agreement by William Haywood, 'arch builde...

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Communications from various correspondents, from bundle marked Sep 1929

Identifier: 112/22/9/232/1-43 · Date: 1-30 Sep 1929 · Author: Shropshire Archives

/1 From Mary Noel-Hill, 6 Somerset Place, Bath, 1 Sep (card)
/2 Telegram from Maggie McCorquodale, handed in at Oban, 2 Sep: "Just arrived at Oban looking forward to seeing you Wednesday morning"

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Identifier: 112/3/160 · Date: 6 Jun 1803 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Angus Macdonald of Devonshire Street, Portland Place, army agent, Malcolm Macqueen of Parliament Street and of Ridgemont, Bedford, M.D., and Alexander Fraser of Lincolns Inn, Esq., and Patrick Smal...

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