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Harriet Maria Selina Noel-Hill and Anne Noel-Hill

Identifier: 112/23/7/1-4 · Date: 1860-1899 · Author: Shropshire Archives

112/23/7/1-2 Harriet Maria Selina Noel-Hill (d. 1893)
Harriet was the eldest child of Thomas Henry (1804-1870) and Harriet Rebecca Humffreys, the sister of Anne Noel-Hill (1856-1905), the seventh...

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Copy Citation

Identifier: P28/B/5/5/1 · Date: 10 May 1876 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Robert Charles Herbert Esq., Thomas Noel Hill, Rector; Robert Pool and George Onions, Churchwardens; noting antiquity of Parish Church and restoration to be carried out

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Militia Papers

Identifier: 112/3 · Date: 1796-1808 · Author: Shropshire Archives

The 'Lord Berwick' in this section is Thomas Noel Hill, 2nd Baron Berwick.

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Mandate to induct Thomas Henry Noel-Hill into the rectory and parish of Sutton.

Identifier: 112/23/4/3 · Date: 1845 · Author: Shropshire Archives
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Draft mortgage: Thomas Henry Noel Hill to John Wilde

Identifier: D3651/D/35/409 · Date: 2 Oct 1848 · Author: Shropshire Archives
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Draft reconveyance: John Wilde to Reverend Thomas Henry Noel Hill

Identifier: D3651/D/40/42 · Date: 2 Jun 1849 · Author: Shropshire Archives
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Maples v. Berwick

Identifier: X112/21/1/8 · Date: 1898-1904 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Thomas Maples (trading as Maples Brothers) v. Ellen Noel-Hill Baroness Berwick (executrix of the will of the seventh Baron Berwick) (1898- 1903) in the matter of the estate of Henry Richard Noel-Hi...

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Letter from Lady Teresa Berwick in reply to condolences sent by PCC on the death of Lord Berwick

Identifier: P28/D/2/1 · Date: 31 Aug 1947 · Author: Shropshire Archives
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Copy transfer of security for 5000.

Identifier: D3651/B/9/5/4/10 · Date: 13 May 1861 · Author: Shropshire Archives

(1) Hon. Maria Noel-Hill
(2) C O Childe-Pemberton
(3) Thomas Salt

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