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The Right Honourable Thomas Henry eighth Baron Berwick an infant by the Honourable Anne Noel-Hill spinster his next friend v. Charles Leverson Lane, Francis Lamb, the Right Honourable Ellen Baroness Berwick widow and The Norwich Union Life Assurance Society (1898)

Identifier: X112/21/1/3 · Date: 1883 · Author: Shropshire Archives

The case involved an alleged breach of trust concerning: the sale of heirlooms, estate land and various railway company shares.

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Ballot for Thomas Hurd to serve in the militia for the county

Identifier: P246/L/9/21 · Date: 10 Jan 1783 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Signed by Noel Hill and M Davenport

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Marriage settlement of the Hon and Rev Thomas Henry Noel Hill and Harriet Rebecca Humffreys with related documents

Identifier: D3651/B/20/1/3/1-9 · Date: 1845-1892 · Author: Shropshire Archives

D3651/B/20/1/3/1 17 September 1845 Marriage Settlement - Thomas Noel Hill with Miss Harriet Rebbeca Humphreys found enclosed a bundle of correspondence mainly related to Midland Railway Stock

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Thomas Noel Noel-Hill

Identifier: 112/23/6 · Author: Shropshire Archives

Thomas Noel (1847-1897) was a son of Rev Thomas Henry Noel-Hill (1804-1870) and Harriet Rebecca Humffreys. His twin brother was Richard Henry Noel-Hill, who became the seventh Baron Berwick (1847-1...

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Letter from Lord Berwick, Attingham Park, thanking the Rector for the list of Rectors of Berrington

Identifier: P28/E/2/2 · Date: 15 Mar 1935 · Author: Shropshire Archives
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Draft settlement made prior to marriage: Thomas Henry Noel Hill with Miss Harriet Rebecca Humffreys

Identifier: D3651/D/44/205 · Date: 17 Sep 1845 · Author: Shropshire Archives
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