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Shropshire Archives is open in a phased way from 21 April 2021.

Preserve your documents

  • do you have records which provide unique or interesting information about Shropshire past or present?
  • do you wish to ensure that these records are preserved for future generations?
  • would you like to make them available for research?

We provide secure and environmentally controlled storage in a modern, purpose-built repository. Shropshire Archives is visited by over 6,000 people annually, as well as attracting enquiries from across the globe.

We’re recognised as a place of deposit for public records, and subscribe to the Historical Manuscripts Commission’s Standard for Record Repositories.

What type of records are suitable?

Records could:

  • vary greatly in size, quantity, format and age
  • consist of a single document or an extensive collection of records
  • date back to the Middle Ages or be the minutes of a meeting held last year
  • be the diaries of an individual or the administrative records of an organisation
  • be maps, photographs, documents or volumes

If you have records which you would like to offer for transfer, please contact us for advice and to arrange an appointment before bringing them in.

Points to consider:

  • might they be of interest to someone, now or in the future, researching information on Shropshire?
  • do they form a unique or representative record of an organisation, person, place or activity
  • relating to Shropshire?
  • have they finished their useful life as “active” documents?

We also welcome gifts of printed material, photographs and theses.

Gift or deposit?

There are two main types of agreement by which documents can be transferred to us:

Gift agreement

Ownership of the records is transferred outright to us. Although the donated records become our property, this agreement allows them to be borrowed back by the donor if required, for up to three months in a year.

Deposit agreement

The depositor retains ownership of the records while transferring custody and certain rights over the records to us. As well as reserving the right to withdraw the records temporarily the depositor may also choose to permanently withdraw them at a future date. In the case of permanent withdrawal, the depositor may be liable to reimburse us for expenses incurred for storage, cataloguing and conservation during their term of deposit.

Please download the gift-agreement or deposit-agreement for more information.

Sensitive or confidential information?

You may be concerned that some of the information in the records could be considered sensitive or confidential. We provide public access to records according to current legislation, including the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act, which protect information relating to living individuals.

We can agree to specific closure periods being placed on particular records if considered appropriate.