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Help us raise money

From time to time, important Shropshire historical documents come up for sale. We rely on your generosity to be able to purchase them and preserve them here in Shropshire.

Past purchases

David Parkes sketch book volume 1

David Parkes sketch of Worthen church

David Parkes: Worthen church 7675

We’ve recently purchased David Parke’s sketch book (volume 1) with donations and the generous help of the Victoria and Albert, the Friends of the National Libraries and Friends of Shropshire Archives. David Parkes travelled around his native county of Shropshire, making innumerable drawings of antiquities and picturesque objects.

This image is his 1818 sketch of Worthen church [7675/210].

Henley Hall estate records

A collection of estate records from Henley Hall near Bitterley was purchased by the Friends of Shropshire Archives. The records date from the late 19th Century, and include legal papers concerning a long running dispute over water rights between the Henley Hall and Downton Hall estates, which was eventually debated in the Court of Chancery in London. These will be reference 9056.

A video magnifier

A Schweizer handheld video magnifier which can enlarge small or difficult text and also adjust the background and freeze the image.

1835 estate plan of Stanton Lacy

Dodmore estate plan SA-IMG19339

A Map of Dodmore Estate in the parish of Staunton Lacey, 1835 8672/1

Your help has ensured that this significant and beautiful parchment estate plan is retained and made accessible in Shropshire.

The plan covers the Dodmore Estate in Stanton Lacy owned by Frederick Nash in 1835. It gives information on the occupation of the land and details of land drainage, which is unusual in a plan of this date.

The plan also includes a delightful representation of a half-timbered house on the estate.