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Shropshire Archives is open in a phased way from 21 April 2021.

School visits

Class visits

What will we do on a visit?

A visit gives students the chance to look at a wide range of original archive documents as well as microfiche sources, books, maps, CD ROMs, etc.

Please download the programme of workshops at Shropshire Archives and the Museum Service for more information.

How long do visits last?

Visits last for two hours, and for primary school classes include a mid-session break with a drink provided.

What year groups are catered for?

Key Stage 2 through to ‘A’ level and beyond. Visits usually centre upon a particular location or topic.

We can also include a behind the scenes tour, giving students an overview of our work and of how archives are preserved and conserved for future generations.

We tailor visits to the requirements of individual teachers, and like to discuss what you want your pupils/students to get out of the visit.

For Key Stages 2 and 3, you will need to bring sufficient staff or helpers to allow the class to work in small groups.

When can we visit?

Visits are available on Mondays or Tuesdays only.

Themed visits

Local study

  • Key stage 2 or 3
  • Approx. 90-120 mins
  • Max. 34 children/students

A look at your local area and how it has changed, using maps, census returns, photographs, original parish registers, newspapers/trade directories and poor relief documents (if available).

Can include a tour behind the scenes, if requested.

Tudor Shropshire

  • Key Stage 2 (can be adapted for Key Stage 3 – please enquire)
  • Approx. 90 mins
  • Max. 34 children/students

The session involves using original 16th Century archives. The main emphasis will be on maps of Shropshire, and on royal documents, concentrating on their Great Seals, calligraphy and illumination. We also look at documents about the plague, inventories, and Tudor buildings.

A tour behind the scenes gives an insight into how we organise and look after our archives, whilst a visit to our conservation department provides an opportunity to learn about the materials used for making documents, and writing in Tudor times.

The First World War in Shropshire

  • KS2/3
  • Approx. 90-120 mins
  • Max. 34 children/students

Explore the First World War experiences of soldiers and those coping at home using a varied range of first-hand accounts from diaries and correspondence, photographs, newspaper sources and military records.

English Language ‘A’ Level

Approx. 120 mins

We have a fantastic range of material to demonstrate the use of the English language across the centuries, from the 12th Century to the present day.

Newspapers, personal and political diaries, execution broadsheets, legal documents, 19th Century entertainment posters, political propaganda, religious sermons, settlement examinations, Victorian ‘improving’ literature – all these provide a fascinating insight into the way language has been used to serve different purposes, and how it has developed and evolved over time.

This session also includes a behind the scenes tour and a talk in our conservation department on the history of writing and/or the challenges presented to archive services by the ‘digital age’, with its constantly changing technology.

Risk assessment/insurance information available on request.

CPD days and staff visits

If your school’s staff would like to find out what we hold and how they can use our sources and services to maximum effect, we can arrange half or full day sessions to suit your needs. Price upon application.

Please email [email protected] to discuss your requirements or phone Learning at Shropshire Museums and Archives – 01743 258884/258888.