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Wellington Remembers

A project carried out in Wellington, Shropshire to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War
-with the support of Wellington Town Council, Wellington History Group and the Heritage Lottery Fund.


The Lychgate, built at the southwest corner of All Saints churchyard, is the Wellington Town War Memorial. It was built as a focal point for the whole community to remember those who died for their country, and is still the place for all to gather to join in an act of remembrance every November.

At the Midsummer Fayre of 2016 the seeds of this project were sown when a member of our group found a photograph of one of the soldiers mentioned on the Lychgate and shared her vision of being able to find a picture for each named person, to put a face to the names inscribed on the memorial.

We realised that each name hid a story, and felt that it was important to be able to capture something of these stories before they are lost. The idea grew to include biographical details, and we realised that we would need some financial support to be able to reach out to different organisations, research stories properly and plan an exhibition to support our work.

We were fortunate to be given grants from Wellington Town Council and Wellington History Group to conduct a pilot study. Following this we approached the Heritage Lottery Fund for full funding. Securing this funding enabled us to properly research biographies and deliver this book, as well as host an exhibition in Wellington in November 2018.

We hope that these biographies will give the reader an insight into the lives of some of the Wellington people who died in World War One, and we offer them as a legacy for future generations. Our scope was specific to the 184 people named on the Lychgate memorial, to make sure that we did justice to them. We acknowledge that this does not fully represent the loss to the community of Wellington.

We have done our utmost to ensure that what is written in these pages is backed up by facts. We would encourage everyone from Wellington and beyond to pick a name and read the story of that man’s life, then bring him to mind when we pause to remember. Despite our best efforts there will be mistakes and omissions and for those we apologise.


Lest we forget: Forward by George Evans
Forward by the Rev. Tim Carter
Supplementary pages


Adams, George
Adderley, Frederick Samuel
Arnold, Ernest William
Birch, Laura May
Bailey, John Thomas
Baker, Charles William
Baxter, Francis
Beard, Cyril John
Beddoe, William James
Beech, William Henry
Bennett, William Charles
Bloomer, Ronald Claude [Oxley]
Bowen, Charles William
Bradley, Leslie James
Bradley, John Harold
Bradley, Isaac Thomas
Brisbourne, Graham Oscar Lloyd
Brittain, Richard Arthur Henry
Cadman, Maurice Danks
Carver, William Thomas
Cartwright, James
Charles, Herbert
Challoner, Arthur
Chilton, Hubert
Churm, Arthur
Clarke, Edward
Cotton, Reuben
Cotton, Job
Cruise, William Henry
Cureton, William
Davies, Lloyd
Davies, William
Davies, George
Davies, Alfred
Dodson, George Cecil
Doody, Albert
Duckett, John Onslow
Dunn, Albert
Edwards, Herbert Gordon
Elcock, Richard William
Elson, William Andrew
Elson, Cecil
Elphick, James Frederick
Emery, Charles Thomas
Emery, Henry
Espley, Harry
Evans, Rowland Wynn
Evans, John
Evans, Joel
Fleming, Henry John
Fletcher, Thomas
Fletcher, John Edward
Fletcher, Charles Alexander
Foulkes, Herbert
Fox, George Joseph
Fox, Charles Thomas
Fox, Allen William
Fox, George
Francis, Edwin Richard
Frost, George Frederick
Green, William Joseph
Greenfield, George Rampley
Griffiths, Andrew Richard
Griffiths, Ernest Victor
Griffiths, Harry
Griffiths, John
Gough, Joseph Carless
Gough, Albert James
Gwynne, Harold
Harris, Samuel
Hall, Sydney Harold
Harvey, William Mitchell
Haynes, Albert James
Harper, John Francis
Harris, James Henry
Healey, Francis James
Healey, George Thomas
Healey, Joseph Henry
Henn, George Edwin
Hodgson, Alec Edmund Stuart
Holloway, Sampson
Horton, William Percy
Horton, John Norman
Hotchkiss, Richard Charles
Humphreys, William Edward
Hayward, Richard
Jarvis, Isaiah James
Jarvis, John Massey
Jarvis, James Henry
Jauncey, John
Jones, John Henry
Jones, John Samuel
Jones, Bertram
Jones, Richard William
Jones, Henry William
Jones, Sidney William
Jones, Slaney Norman
Johnson, Harry
Kirkham, Thomas
Langley, William
Leigh, Samson
Lloyd, John Wesley
Lloyd, George
Lloyd, Humphrey Charles
Lloyd, Sidney Jesse
Lowndes, Samuel
Lucas, Cecil
Lyon, Claude Edward
Magness, Alfred George
Magness, Frank
Mansfield, George Herbert
Mason, Francis William
Moore, John
Morgan, Roland Cresswell
Morris, Albert Arthur
Morris, Reginald Harry
Mumford, Henry George
Nagington, Frank Edward
Newns, William
Nicholls, John Samson
Norris, William Alfred
Paddock, Harry Leslie
Padmore, Frank
Pagett, William James
Palmer, William Henry
Pankhurst, Arthur William
Peach, Harold Edward
Peach, John
Peake, James
Plant, John Thomas
Poole, Charles Cassels
Poole, William Edward
Poole, Harry WIlliam
Poulter, George Henry
Poulter, Campbell Albert Victor
Powis, Thomas Albert
Price, Robert Henry
Price, Walter William
Price, Charles Harry
Pritchard, Arthur William
Pritchard, John
Pye, Thomas Henry
Poole, Thomas
Ramsell, Charles Howard
Roberts, Alfred James
Robertson, William Wallace
Rogers, George Webster
Roberts, Charles Sidney
Rowson, George Edwin
Russell, John Richard
Shenton, Ernest Neil
Skidmore, Reginald Charles
Sankey, Daniel Edward
Scarratt, George Henry
Shuker, D E
Slaney, John Cobley
Smith, Richard Howard Bailey
Smith, Percy
Snape, Samuel George
Spicer, Samuel
Spencer, Thomas
Stokes, William
Swift, Herbert Harold
Swift, Thomas William
Taylor, Charles Albert
Thomas, William
Thomas, Edward
Thomas, A
Thomas, Alexander
Thomas, B I
Tipton, Bert
Tomlinson, William
Vaughan, Evan William Harris
Waltho, Harry Reginald
Weaver, Albert Edward
Welsby, Richard
Weston, John
Wicks, Francis William
Wicks, Harold James
Wilkinson, Percy
Williams, Joseph
Woodfine, Charles Stanley
Wood, William George
Wood, Thomas Theodore