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Shropshire Archives is open in a phased way from 21 April 2021.

Cataloguing services

Our experienced team of archivists, librarians and support staff are able to offer a range of cataloguing services. We are able to help with collections of archives, records, books and printed items, and photographic materials.

The information below summarises what we can do for you.

Generally, we are able to provide one preliminary visit free of charge, thereafter time is subject to fees. The daily rate will vary from £100-£350 per day, depending on the nature of the work. Priority will be given to collections already held at Shropshire Archives or intended for transfer to the service.

For more information or for a quotation please email [email protected]

Reviewing and assessing collections

We can assess your collections to see what is worthy of permanent preservation. This will identify key records, including those required for legal or financial issues, as well as identifying any duplicate material for potential disposal.

Cataloguing collections

We can create a full catalogue of your collection using our specialist software CALM. This database is used by many archive and library services across the country, including the vast majority of services based in the West Midlands. A detailed description of items within a hierarchical structure allows for similar materials to be brought together. This makes the content of the collection much easier to understand and facilitates future research.

The catalogue is hosted online to allow for world wide access 24 hours a day. You can search the catalogue by using the box at the top of any page on our website.

In additional conservation and reprographics services are also offered. Digital images of items can be linked to the catalogue record to display together.

Depositing or giving items to Shropshire Archives

For more information, please visit our preserve your documents page.