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Research services

We don’t charge for general advice on our holdings, and visiting us is free. If you’d like us to search on your behalf for information within the records, then please be aware that there may be a charge.

The information below summarises what we can do for you.

Short searches

This is a quick ‘look-up’ for information in a single source, such as a parish register, trade directory or file of photographs. We’ll search for a maximum of ten minutes as part of this search. If the best way of giving the information is a scanned image then we’ll include this. Copies sent by post or requiring a copyright declaration will incur an extra charge.

Cost: £10

Timescale: we aim to answer within 10 working days

* Please be specific in what you are asking us to look for. If you have already found out some information, please let us know (and tell us where your information came from) so that we don’t repeat the search. *

Family history research

  • Do you want us to help trace your Shropshire ancestors?
  • Would you like us to transcribe a document for you?

If you can’t visit in person and would like us to search for you, our Research Service may be just what you need.

Cost: £40 an hour.

Timescale: This service is subject to staff availability. Our researcher will advise on timescales when we receive your order. At this current time is is likely to be 6 weeks before we are able to send a full response.

More information: It is important that searches are as specific as possible. Please indicate clearly dates, places and any relevant information you already hold. For example it would be impractical to search for a John Benyon from Shropshire in the 18th century but reasonable to look for him if you thought he came from the Oswestry area and was born about 1780.

House history searches

For more information,  please visit our house history searches web page

Commercial searches

For businesses and organisations, we can conduct research and you can also commission reprographics or conservation work. This is subject to staff availability. Please contact us for more details.

Cost: £180 for half a day’s work.

Timescale: This service is subject to staff availability but we would aim to provide the research within 10 working days.

How do I request a search?

You can send a request for a search using the online quote request 

You will need to log into your account (or register if you have not done so before).

We will respond with a quote for the relevant search.  For hourly research, commercial searches or house histories we may advise on timescales by email and send a payment link when our researcher is ready to begin work.

If you prefer to post a paper form back with a cheque, then you can download one of the following PDFs:

**Please note that the charge is for a search. There is no guarantee that we will be able to find information for you**

What other options do I have?

  • visit us and carry out the research yourself – check out our advice and guides to help you get started
  • Do some initial research yourself, using our online catalogue

What if I just want copies (and not a search)?

If you already have a document reference number (with page if appropriate) then you can request a copy without the need for a search.

Find the details on the online catalogue. Then…

  • Click on ‘view items’
  • Next click on the ‘view or purchase’ tab
  • You’ll need to sign in (or register if this is your first time using the site)
  • You can then choose ‘request a quote’

The price will depend on the format of the original and the best way of making a copy without damage. We’ll then respond with a quote and you can pay for the copies via the secure website.

Some items are available for automatic download. If this is the case, you’ll see a ‘purchase download’ tab.

If you can’t find the reference on the online catalogue, then you can use the general  online quote request