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Shropshire Archives is open in a phased way from 21 April 2021.

Quatt industrial school

July 9, 202011:02 amLeave a Comment

This week’s history begins at home theme is schools. Here we look at one of the more unusual schools in Shropshire and what we can find out, despite having little in the way of records from the school itself. The 1844 Poor Law Amendment Act enabled Poor Law Unions to band together to establish a […]

John Randall

July 2, 202011:27 amLeave a Comment

Continuing the themes of ‘History begins at home’, we look at the life of John Randall – a man who certainly knew how to make good use of his time! John Randall’s life was remarkable, not only because he lived to be 100, but also for his accomplishments in a number of fields.  During his […]

Thomas Parr

June 26, 202011:23 amLeave a Comment

The old, old, very old man To tie in with this weeks ‘History Begins at Home’ campaign, we’ve dug out an old post, written by senior archive assistant, Karen. She looked at the many accounts of Thomas Parr, the Shropshire peasant who was eventually buried at Westminster Abbey at the age of 152. Many centenarians […]

Railway Plans – LNWR

June 24, 20203:33 pmJune 26, 2020 8:55 amLeave a Comment

If you are a railway enthusiast, you might be interested in one of the latest lists to go on our online catalogue. This is a collection of railway plans for the London and North Western and Shropshire Union Railways. The London and North Western Railway was formed in 1846 by the merger of the Grand […]

History begins at home

June 19, 202010:39 amLeave a Comment

‘History Begins at Home’ is a new national campaign which aims to connect people through conversations about history and to capture and then share these conversations, memories and stories through Facebook and Twitter. The idea behind the campaign is to encourage family members of different generations to connect or re-connect by discovering previously unknown facts […]

Alberbury Priory

June 18, 202011:03 amLeave a Comment

We are adding many new lists to our online catalogue.  These were previously only available as printed lists onsite or via the National Archives website. One of these lists is for a small collection relating to the Alberbury Priory, ref 1123. Alberbury Priory was built between 1221 and 1226 by Fulk Fitz Warin (III) originally […]

Research tips: maps

June 17, 202012:49 pmLeave a Comment

In this post we’ll introduced some maps that can help in local and house history research. You might be surprised to learn that many are online, so there is plenty to look at while the Archives remains closed. With maps, it is always best to begin with the most recent maps and work backwards so […]

Belgian refugees in Shropshire

June 12, 202010:21 amLeave a Comment

During refugee week, we look back 100 years ago, when Shropshire welcomed a large influx of refugees. After Germany invaded and occupied Belgium at the start of the First World War, many hundreds of thousands of civilians were displaced and fled to the coastal ports. The plight of Belgian refugees, and atrocities by the invading […]

Adams Grammar School, Wem

June 10, 20209:05 amLeave a Comment

Archives intern, Meriel Lees, writes…. As part of my archives course last year, I catalogued a collection of school records, the school in question being Adams Grammar School in Wem. Cataloguing an entire collection from scratch can be tricky as it was often created (and sometimes deposited) many years ago, so it is sometimes difficult […]

The Pentabus Collection

June 3, 20206:02 pmLeave a Comment

If there is anyone who knows how to re-imagine and re-create it’s Pentabus, Shropshire’s own nationally acclaimed theatre company based in Bromfield near Ludlow. Senior Archivist, Sal Mager, tells us more.. Pentabus has always been keen to work closely with local communities and in the past has gathered stories through oral and photographic history projects […]