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Microfiche/film and computers

We recommend booking in advance. There’s more guidance at Plan Your Visit. You can also book a parking space on this link if you have difficulty walking.

Microfiche and film reader

Booking times: 1 fiche/film reader available 10:15am-1pm; 1pm-3.45pm

For checking: tithe maps and apportionments or a mixture of sources on fiche and film such as local newspapers, Ordnance Survey maps, parish registers (post 1900), cemetery records. This space is for a separate film and fiche reader which are placed together on a table.

Film reader

Booking times: 2 film readers available: 10:15am-1pm; 1pm-3.45pm

For checking: local newspapers, tithe apportionments, pedigrees.

Fiche reader

Booking times: 2 fiche readers available: 10:15am-1pm; 1pm-3.45pm

For checking: parish registers (especially after 1900), Ordnance survey maps, cemetery records


Booking times: 3 PCs available: 10:15am-1pm; 1pm-3.45pm

For checking and printing from: catalogues and archive sources online including Shropshire parish registers up to 1900. We have free onsite access to FindMyPast, Ancestry and the British Newspaper Archive.

As we have limited PCs due to social distancing these are just for archive research and local/family history. For general use, please book a PC at your local library.

We also have free WiFi.


You will be able to print out. Please collect and pay for your prints at our counter.

Please do get in touch in advance if you have any queries.

This is part of a phased re-opening and we’ll be adding in extra machines in due course. We will clean machines at the start of the day and we have wipes for your use during the day.