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Shropshire Archives is currently closed to help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

How to book

Shropshire Archives is closed to the public from 4pm on Friday 20 March 2020 to help reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). This temporary closure will remain in place until further notice.

Booking to consult original documents

You’ll need to consult original documents in our Search Room, where space is limited. To avoid a wasted visit, we recommend booking your space. If you know what you’ll require, order up to 6 items a few days before you visit and we’ll have them ready for you.

On Wednesday to Friday, you can also request items onsite up to 1pm. We aim to deliver documents from our stores to you within 30 minutes, but at busy times this may take longer. It’s our responsibility to ensure the safe delivery, handling and return of documents.

If you want to visit on a Saturday you must make an appointment and order all documents in advance. We don’t have sufficient staff to get out items on demand.

You’ll need to register on our website and log in to be able to book your search room space.

District Authority records

All records from district authorities 1835 to 1974 (collections: DA1-DA45) are held in our out-store and collected weekly. Please order anything which has a DA reference at least a week in advance of your visit.

Possible restrictions

Occasionally, access to documents may be restricted if

  • the originals are very fragile
  • environmental conditions may cause damage
  • cataloguing is incomplete
  • the information is sensitive
  • restrictions have been applied by the owner

In particular, if you’d like to view documents less than 100 years old (or more for particularly sensitive records), requests should be made at least one week in advance of your visit and preferably in writing/email. We can then advise further. Please see our policies page for more guidance.

If you’d like to view items in uncatalogued collections again let us know in advance. Access will depend on how well this can be supervised and the physical state of the documents.

We have one table for large maps, so it’s worth booking our map table in advance to make sure there’s sufficient space. Most large maps have been copied onto aperture card so you can check these first to make sure the map covers the right area.

Early parchment documents and parchment maps containing coloured pigments are vulnerable to changes in humidity. In particularly cold climatic conditions we won’t be able to produce certain parchment/vellum maps and manuscripts. We don’t have air conditioning, and during especially cold weather relative humidity drops and old parchment shrinks and becomes brittle, causing stress to the parchment. There’s also potential for the ink/pigment to become detached when handled. We’ll try to alert you when appropriate.

Computer and microform booking

Many popular family and local history resources are on PC, microfiche or microfilm. 

We are having our PCs updated, currently there is no access to PCs or printers.  

Click below for more information and to reserve these.